For all participants in this market the crisis creates opportunities and enormous new challenges and obstacles. Whether investing or buying our dream home, this is a complex process that involves a lot of research and of course with some degree of risk. Unknown are: to purchase the unreal price  or to pay for a property with technical defects or legal problems. In recent years, the crisis turn the real estate market into a market of interpretations, rumors, forecasts and assumptions. Naturally collapsed the confidence among all participants in the market. The correct course for all of us is to rethink the mistakes and work more responcible in a difficult, but at the same time regulated market. In that case, regarding the best service, a key point for all participants is to enter into relationships with the proven professionals with long-standing experience and immaculate reputation, distinguish them from the casual gamers with a brief history.


1. Explore the market - take advantage of the huge database that provide you the sites of proven real estate agencies. Do not hesitate to discuss with our consultants online or in a private call all your questions or worries!
2. DO NOT BUY WITHOUT DEPTH STUDY - go and talk with our experts for technical or any other hidden problems!
3. DO NOT PUT YOUR INTERESTS TO RANDOM PEOPLE -  ask for recommendations from people that you trust. Not every broker has knowledge to offer you a secured and legal transaction!
4. Clarify your budget – you must plan wisely your financial resources before signing the contract for sale! In case that you use credit, please contact our consultants who will present you banking products and conditions of several banks. Visit them and select the best conditions for you!
5. Buying with clear strategy - discuss your investment – is it a future sale?, is it for rent ? or some kind of insurance? Discuss all other related costs that are  connected with the property.


1. Contact with our consultants
2. Arrange a meeting with him/her, to familiarize you with the real estate market and discuss the best option for you. Specify the parameters of your offer

3. Save time, efforts and risk and specify the way of the financal transaction
4. View of properties - your consultant will arrange them up to your convinience

5. Make your choice
6. Negotiations - trust our professionalism and get the best possible price
7. Checks - Your consultant will request and verify all documents necessary for technical and legal provision of the transaction
8. Preliminary contract – it will be given a project that you can discuss with our lawyers or a lawyer of your choice
9. Title Deed - prepared by our or your lawyer